When it comes to the top 20 mobile phones today, or even the top 10 mobile phones, one point of consideration that all consumers must bear in mind is price as they compare phones. And this is why it is so important to compare mobile plans and to weigh the top mobile phones with those plans that can make having such a good phone affordable for you and your family.

Cost is Important
The fact is, that phones are a necessary part of modern life. We use our phones as watches, as timers, and of course as communication devices. Phones act as our cameras, and our video recorders. With having so many uses, it can be very troubling when the need to replace a phone arises, however, because people feel that they cannot do without these phones. And yet having so many gadgets included into one device severely increases the cost of that device. Therein lines the problem. You need this one devices that takes are of so many needs. And yet you cannot afford to have that expensive of a device when all you really truly need the gadget for is to make phone calls.

Consideration Points
When you boil down the reasons behind what you actually need your new phone for, it can become easier to compare the phones that will actually give you the uses you require. Do you really simply need a clock and a means to call your children to make sure they are home safe from school? A simple, inexpensive Nokia or Motorola phone might do just the trick. You do not need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a phone or on a plan if all your calls will be local and your social media needs will be few.

Similarly, if you do all of your work from your phone, you are going to need good email capacity and data storage, but you may not need such a high quality camera or recording device. Consider what you actually need to use your phone for, and yo may find that you are able to save yourself a surprising amount of money!

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