If you are moving abroad, you may find that you can't get out of your mobile contract.

Instead of using that operator's international tariff, purchase a pay as you go mobile until your contract expires. Never return the call if you get a voicemail from a company that you've never heard of.

Also watch out as some companies can make their money by encouraging you to call them back, something which is added to your phone bill. This can be very expensive if you're abroad at the time!

Some insurers have rejected claims when the customer has reported it as lost, because the insurer believes that the story suggests that it was stolen. In many cases, insurers have been known to blame the owner for mobile phone damage when the phone is not kept in a case.

Before signing up for the best mobile deals, always ensure that the contract length suits you. Cancellation fees can be incredibly expensive, so ensure that you are as happy with the duration of a deal as you are with the price.

Margaret Kennedy